JQuake v1.6.1 - Changelog

2020/11/12 03:15 JST

  • It is now impossible to start a replay from the list during an EEW

Bug fixes
  • Corrected a Java issue, preventing real-time data retrieval on certain types of networks
  • Corrected some Japanese sentences

JQuake v1.6.0 - Changelog

2020/11/04 10:45 JST

New functionalities
  • Added Tsunami Advisory/Tsunami Warning/Major Tsunami Warning display. Only impacted coastlines are highlighted in such an event. The user will have to choose a behaviour in Map Tab (Setting panel) if icons are used for intensity.
  • Added new sounds according to each tsunami warning level
  • Added a replay function in the felt earthquakes list. Only earthquakes which happened less than 3 hours ago can be replayed.
  • Added a setting to choose minimum expected intensity threshold for nationwide EEW
  • Added a button and a prompt on first launch to see Changelog

  • Enhanced detection algorithm
  • The prefecture intensity list displays now at least 8 items
  • Enhanced display of canceled EEW
  • Enhanced synchronization process
  • Limited the map zoom
  • The expected intensity icon font is reverted to white
  • The disconnected status will now be displayed as the clock becoming red, instead of the top-left panel becoming gray
  • Updated station list with new station locations

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Intensity Flash Reports (when exceeding Intensity 3) to be displayed in the list
  • Corrected a bug on PGA level 2 trigger
  • Fixed a glitch when opening/closing the felt earthquake list while being in Fullscreen

JQuake v1.5.0 - Changelog

2020/08/12 09:05

New functionalities
  • Added Full screen support for all OS (Press F11 to use it)
  • Enhanced reliability (thread respawn in case of death, avoiding certain freeze issues)

  • The program will restart if it crashes (on Windows only)
  • The PGA detection has a lower sensibility to reduce the rate of false detection
  • Added "Settings" item in tray menu
  • The tray icon options are now disabled if not supported by the system

Bug fixes
  • Fixed the seismic stations list (causing false detections in the Southern part of Saitama Prefecture)
  • Fixed English station names

JQuake v1.4.0 - Changelog

2020/08/06 09:40

New functionalities
  • Added a setting to use intensity color for maximum expected intensity on EEW information box (EEW Tab)
  • Settings will now be kept between updates without any manipulation

  • The directories for settings file are now %LocalAppData%\JQuake\ on Windows and $user.home$/Library/Application Support/JQuake/ on macOS and Linux
  • Added a station in Ibaraki
  • Enhanced detection algorithm
  • The user expected intensity is now flagged as "Unknown" instead of "0" if no data concerning expected intensity map is received

Bug fixes
  • Fixed inconsitent behavior on detection of small and shallow earthquakes
  • Corrected some pixel readings in Saitama, Aichi, Kumamoto, Gunma and Tochigi to avoid false detection in case of degraded data stream
  • Corrected a display bug when a EEW Warning is triggered while having EEW local settings enabled
  • Corrected a bug allowing a single station to have a false detection for a long period of time

JQuake v1.3.1 - Changelog

2020/07/07 08:10


Bug fixes
  • Important : Fixed Shindo Warning level 1 and 2 not triggering if the level 0 threshold is below or equal to seismic intensity 0.5
  • Fixed station warning not clearing if it is flagged as having trouble
  • Fixed some translations
  • Fixed option panel display on macOS

JQuake v1.3.0 - Changelog

2020/07/06 07:35

New functionalities
  • Added a setting to wake up screen on EEW and Shaking detection events
  • Added the possibility to choose the thresholds for Shaking Detection levels
  • Added a setting to include user point inside the zoom in case of event

  • The EEW Warning local setting do not include user point inside the zoom anymore
  • Added some stations in Nagano, Saitama and Tokyo. Corrected some pixel readings.
  • The minimum window size is smaller (344x376)
  • If the user's closest station is hidden due to trouble, the closest station not in trouble is reassigned instead.

Bug fixes
  • Important : Fixed PGA map freeze issue
  • Fixed shaking detection sometimes disappearing before an EEW
  • Corrected glitches when detecting shaking on Sagami Bay stations
  • Fixed depth not appearing in earthquake list in case of 2 earthquakes having the same date
  • Fixed earthquake list freeze
  • Fixed "Display city names" setting not saving properly
  • Corrected earthquake list display glitch when enabling it after having opened the app while having the list closed
  • Fixed app not restarting after modifying the language setting on macOS
  • Corrected display glitch on the EEW panel in English (in case of long region name)
  • Various traduction issues fixed

JQuake v1.2.1 - Changelog

2020/05/29 22:45

  • Enhanced detection around Miyakojima (in case of EEW)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed overly long detection time
  • Fixed Mini-Map behaviour when browsing the map in case of big earthquake
  • Fixed the intensity list not clearing at the end of an EEW

JQuake v1.2.0 - Changelog

2020/05/27 08:45

New functionalities
  • Added a setting to show/hide city names on map
  • Added visible stations on map (Nagano, Aichi)

  • New Application icons for better visuals (Thanks to Kurisu)
  • New user expected seismic intensity images (Thanks to Nat Fox)
  • Changed Tokyo city name to not always visible
  • Replaced server choice with "refresh rate control" because realtime server data is not compliant with the station database (leading to frequent false detections)
  • Changed expected intensity points font color from white to black to distinguish them from measured intensity
  • Enhanced shaking detection, especially in Kushiro and Tanegashima
  • Modified "Disconnected" display criteria to 10 seconds without intensity data
  • Enhanced handling of window size information storage
  • Enhanced rendering of P/S-wave circle display to a subpixel basis for smoother animation
  • Changed Shindo 7 color to (150,0,150)
  • Changed untriggered local EEW display color

Bug fixes
  • Corrected Earthquake Information list glitches (random switches, endless "Epicenter under assessment", region name displayed twice, not resizing on certain conditions)
  • Fixed Earthquake Information voice notification in case of hypocenter information without intensity information (Occurs when several earthquakes happen in a short time period)
  • Fixed some Map behaviour
  • Corrected date format when displaying Expected Seismic Intensity
  • Fixed some region translation
  • Fixed blinking squares behavior on the beginning of an EEW
  • Fixed user expected intensity images glitch on fullscreen of small window size
  • Fixed EEW display behavior with local settings

JQuake v1.1.1 - Changelog

2020/04/24 07:10

  • Critical : Fixed freeze issue
  • Fixed sounds not playing on macOS
  • Fixed Shaking detection box not resetting after a PGA detection
  • Fixed Map View behaviour when "Local Shindo level 0" is activated
  • Fixed Japanese sentences

  • Enhanced PGA detection

JQuake v1.1.0 - Changelog

2020/04/20 02:30

New functionalities
  • New sounds for Earthquake Information (added female actor voices)
  • macOS users have now an installer with better integration
  • Support for Dark theme bar in macOS
  • Added a setting to display/hide Earthquake Information list scrollbar

  • Changed EEW (Warning) sound to avoid any copyright issues with NHK Chime
  • Enhanced top-left panel display for readability
  • Enhanced display for separate PLUM reports
  • User expected intensity now takes into account separate PLUM reports (It will take the intensity from the report if inside a 30km radius around the user)
  • Enhanced shaking detection, especially for strong distant earthquake and earthquakes near Tokyo
  • Removed borders for Earthquake Information list
  • The map will display the default Japan view if it is too zoomed out (especially in case of big earthquake)
  • The criteria for Local EEW Warning level trigger has been changed from Seismic Intensity 4 to the user-defined value
  • The sound volume can now go up to 12
  • The user can now test Earthquake Information voices and EEW sounds
  • The user marker on the map now blinks when an EEW is issued (instead of displaying "You")

Bug fixes
  • Corrected intensity points around Okinawa/Amami
  • Fixed Earthquake Information display when the depth equals 100km
  • Fixed some Mini-map behaviour issues when the view is too zoomed-out
  • Fixed the startup timout when the web server is unavailable for version checking
  • Fixed some display issues on macOS and Linux

JQuake v1.0.8 - Changelog

2020/03/17 23:50

  • Removed arrival time for S-Wave. It has mistakenly been re-introduced since v1.0.6

JQuake v1.0.7 - Changelog

2020/03/17 19:00

  • Launching failure on 32 bits JVM
  • Bug preventing the user from zooming on the map when there is an EEW or an earthquake detection

JQuake v1.0.6 - Changelog

2020/03/16 10:45

  • Several EEW trigger on warning
  • Incorrect expected intensity value for users in Kyushu
  • Display glitch on expected intensity scale
  • Mini-map behaviour
  • Some font glitches on Mac
  • Settings panel behaviour when opening it again while it is minimized
  • Mismatch between input and actual Home View (the user will have to redefine it)

  • Optimized renderer thread to consume less CPU on warning
  • Enhanced PGA Warning sensitivity
  • Enhanced Earthquake detection algorithm (especially for Hachiojima)
  • Added some stations on the map
  • The blinking squares (triggered station without a P-Wave having reached it) are transferred to the stations when zooming
  • "About" Tab modification

JQuake v1.0.5 - Changelog

2020/02/27 11:45

  • Expected intensity display
  • Sagami stations not displaying correctly
  • Max Intensity icon disappearing when Sagami station is triggered at Shindo Level 1 or more
  • Window behaviour on opening software
  • Settings panel display problems
  • Settings panel not opening on Mac
  • Some small P/S circle adjustements
  • Information panel not displaying correctly Tsunami Warning Message in Japanese

  • Stations having trouble disappear from map instead of turning gray
  • Optimized CPU load when moving map
  • Ajdustements on certain stations sensitivity
  • Put a background on date to make it readable when station names are behind
  • Small changes on Japanese and English translations

JQuake v1.0.4 - Changelog

2020/02/19 10:30

  • Corrected some Japanese sentences

  • Replaced Expected Arrival Time with distance to the epicenter for compliance with the Japanese Meteorological Service Act (Subject to change)
  • Added Mac bar icon support
  • A new developer joined me : we are 2 now!

Since any earlier version of JQuake do not comply with the Japanese Meteorological Service Act, you are required to delete it. Please note that an auto-updater is planned to be deployed to make updates more easily.

JQuake v1.0.3 - Changelog

2020/02/18 04:10

Bug fixes
  • Corrected new Font resource linking on Windows
  • Corrected some numbers not displaying correctly
  • Corrected some japanese sentences

  • Added time for reset after a Shindo Level 0 trigger

JQuake v1.0.2 - Changelog

2020/02/16 23:40

Bug fixes
  • Corrected new Font glitches
  • Included the .exe this time!! (Sorry for the inconvenience)

JQuake v1.0.1 - Changelog

2020/02/16 12:00

Bug fixes
  • Corrected an automatic zooming when checking "Local Shindo level 1" box
  • Corrected unwanted behaviour when "Local Shindo level 0" is activated
  • Corrected layout problem when resizing window during an EEW
  • Corrected panel setting layout

  • Changed the fonts to M+ 1p and M+ 2p
  • Removed the output peripheral choice since it is not displaying properly. It is an encoding error of MixerInfo class inside the Java JRE that I cannot correct. The setting can still manually be changed in Settings.properties
  • Added sound trigger when changing volume