Screenshot of the JQuake application

JQuake is a real-time earthquake monitoring program for Japan. Taking advantage of the NIED's dense strong-motion seismograph network, JQuake's advanced algorithms visualise shaking, earthquake early warnings, and forecast/measured intensities in a way that's easy to understand.

Screenshot of the JQuake application


JQuake gives you the tools to be able to understand the situation around you and act accordingly.

Shaking Detection

JQuake receives real-time intensity and PGA updates every second from NIED. We pass this data through our algorithms which are capable of discerning human-induced vibrations from actual earthquake data.

Multi-Event Support

JQuake supports multiple event detection, including displaying multiple Early Earthquake Warnings (EEWs). This helps to ensure the display has relevant and consistent information about the events currently unfolding.

Dynamic Zoom

When shaking is detected, JQuake immediately zooms in on the situation. If any shaking occurs outside of the viewed area, JQuake zooms out to fit all events in the screen. This option can be enabled or disabled based on your viewing preferences.

Real-Time Intensity

JQuake shows real-time shaking information in both PGA and Seismic Intensity formats (configurable) and observed intensity per-prefecture in a popup on the map so you can see the situation at a glance.

Earthquake Early Warnings

JQuake includes functionality to display Earthquake Early Warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency. When an EEW is issued by the JMA, you'll be able to see its movement in real-time in JQuake.

Tsunami Warnings

Depending on certain conditions, a tsunami may be generated following a major earthquake. In the event a tsunami warning is issued, JQuake highlights each warning area based on the level on the map.

JQuake Desktop
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