Please read the following Terms of Use carefully before downloading.

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Last Updated: 2022/09/02

Article 1: Acceptance of Terms of Use

By using the Service, Service users are deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use.

Article 2: Definition of Terms

"JQuake" refers to the proprietary software that provides real-time earthquake information, earthquake early warning and tsunami information.

Article 3: Contents of Service

The content of the Service as defined on the website refers to downloading and using JQuake (hereinafter referred to as "the Service").

Article 4: Modification of Terms of Use

The Terms of Use shall not be changed unless there are unavoidable circumstances and the changed contents are reasonable and rational. Any changes to the Terms of Use will be announced on Twitter (@NoneType1) and on this site, and the date of the change will be noted after the change is made.

Article 5: Ownership of Rights

All copyrights of JQuake shall belong to @NoneType1 (hereinafter referred to as the "Creator").

Article 6: Prohibited Matters

The following are prohibited in using this Service. Users shall understand and comply with these prohibitions before using this Service.
  1. Infringement of copyright (redistribution and decompilation of JQuake)
  2. Violation of laws and regulations or acts that offend public order and morals.
  3. Acts of reverse engineering, disassembling, or otherwise deciphering the source code
  4. Acts of reselling any copy of the files or source code
  5. Acts of reselling any information that has been provided by the software
  6. Acts that aid or encourage acts that fall under any of the items 1-5
  7. In addition to the items stipulated in 1-6, acts that the Creator reasonably determines to be inappropriate

Article 7: Sanctions for Violations of Prohibited Items

If a violation of the prohibitions is observed, sanctions such as suspension of the Service or legal action against the violator shall be taken, depending on the severity of the violation and the size of the damage. In addition, the Creator may directly contact the user who has violated the Terms of Use, depending on the circumstances.

Article 8: Suspension or Termination of Service Provision

Notwithstanding Article 7, the Service may be suspended or terminated at the Creator's discretion.

Article 9: Compensation for Damages

The Creator shall not be liable to compensate for damages incurred by users arising from the use of this Service, except in cases of wilful intent or gross negligence.

Article 10: Other

  1. Earthquake Early Warning handled by JQuake has various characteristics, and the User shall understand them before using the Service.
    Earthquake Early Warning →
  2. If you use JQuake to distribute information to third parties or send out information via video, please state so in the summary section or on the channel introduction page.

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